Evergreen offers marriage of high performance and long life

By September 13, 2018 No Comments

High-powered vehicles can be pretty tyre-hungry – but Evergreen’s Dyna range UHP offering is designed to give drivers a longer lifespan without losing performance.


The DynaControl EU728 is built for high-speed braking and tight cornering but marries those with durability; making it an ideal everyday tyre for high-powered vehicles. So whether you are taking your car out for a track-day spin or carefully doing the school run, the EU728 has you covered.

Multiple biting edges help to keep you on the road when cornering under force while four wide groove channels disperse greater volumes of water to maintain tyre-to-road contact in the wet and minimise aquaplaning.

Under braking the central tread rib design has been optimised to provide straight-line stability and responsive braking at high speed.

All this is delivered in a tyre that is built for everyday driving – Evergreen’s advanced silica compound makes the EU728 a reliable, long-lasting tyre.

“The DynaControl EU728 is a special tyre,” said Peter Cross, Evergreen Tyres’ UK Commercial Manager. “It combines the sporty features that drivers of performance vehicles consider important with the longevity that they need to use their cars every day.

“What’s more, for added peace of mind, the EU728 is covered by Evergreen’s Tyre Life Guarantee.”

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