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Evergreen Delivers Exceptional Ride Quality For On-Road 4×4 Drivers

By September 13, 2018 No Comments

As 4×4 sales have risen and models have become more premium, consumer focus has shifted from off-road performance to on-road comfort and handling. That is why Evergreen’s Dyna range includes two SUV and 4×4 tyres which zero in on what really matters to the everyday 4×4 driver.


The DynaComfort ES380 is a great all-rounder which delivers high mileage lifespan thanks to an advanced robust Silica compound, making it economical for the consumer.

As the name suggests it has been designed with comfort in mind, with sequential blocks reducing noise internally and externally. For everyday motoring handling and grip are always important, which is why the ES380 also has an optimised wide contact area to provide superb traction in both wet and dry conditions.

If you’re looking for a tyre which gives you even greater control, the DynaControl ES880 has been given a multiple groove outer shoulder block for those moments when you need extra hold when cornering and in a straight line the optimised central tread rib keeps you glued to the road for longer.

None of this is achieved by reducing longevity, with the ES880’s hard-wearing compound ensuring drivers are not penalised for choosing grip over comfort.

For 4×4 drivers looking for peak performance, the UHP ES86 is an excellent option outside of the Dyna range. A sporty V-shaped tread and huge contact area balance road water management and cornering grip to reduce aquaplaning.

To protect your wheel rims, the ES86 also features enhanced bead design to reduce impact damage from kerbs and keep your pride and joy pristine for longer.

“Our Dyna range has been designed with consumers in mind,” said Peter Cross, Evergreen Tyres’ UK Commercial Manager. “Having taken time to understand what matters to the modern 4×4 driver, they have been designed to meet those expectations. In addition the ES86 remains a firm favourite in the sector thanks to its superior performance. Our entire family of on-road 4×4 tyres meet exacting standards, which is why we offer the Tyre Life Guarantee on every one.”

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